Extended Education to a Better Understanding

Training Courses & Instruction

All programs are conducted our qualified instructors and uses the SSI (Scuba Schools International)PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) training materials and standards for educational practices.

SSI & PADI Diving Courses

SSI Open Water Diver

Becoming a scuba diver is the first step in a journey that will forever change the way you experience the world. You will explore the wonders of a weightless underwater world, interact with incredible marine life and discover ecosystems hidden beneath the surface. This globally-recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver. Personalized training is combined with in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater. You will earn the SSI Open Water Diver certification.


  • Minimum age : 10
  • Certification Prerequisites : None
  • Academic Sessions : Online Program
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions : 1 Conducted by Quest
  • Open Water Dives : 4
  • Max Training Depth : 18 Meters / 60ft (age 15+)

Pool and theory sessions will be conducted in the UK before your expedition departure and the 4 remaining Open Water Dives well take place in the beautiful waters of Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique over 2 days.

Women scuba diving by a reef. SSI Open Water Diver poster
Man and woman scuba diving by a reef with fish in foreground. PADI Open Water Diver poster

PADI Open Water Diver

We are one of the only PADI® Dive Centres in South Wales that allows you to complete the PADI® Open Water Diver course in just 3 days. 

We do this through supported self study which you can complete at home in your own time before spending a day with us at the pool and then 2 days completing your open water dives in Mozambique.

  • Knowledge Development (Supported independent study)
  • Confined Water Dives to learn basic Scuba Diving skills
  • Open Water Dives to use your skills and explore the underwater world

Course Requirements

You must …

  • Be 10 or more years old
  • Be able to swim 200m (there is no time limit)
  • Be able to tread water for 10 minutes
  • Have completed the medical questionnaire

Pool and theory sessions will be conducted in the UK before your expedition departure and the 4 remaining Open Water Dives well take place in the beautiful waters of Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique over 2 days.

SSI Snorkel Diver

The SSI Snorkeling program may be your first step in becoming a freediver or even a scuba diver. Most people enjoy it so much that they enroll in a dive training program afterwards. Through the SSI Freediving Level 1 or SSI Open Water Diver program, you can complete your training and get full credit for what you have already accomplished in your Snorkeling program.


  • Minimum age : 0
  • Certification Prerequisites : None
  • Academic Sessions : Optional
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions : Optional
  • Open Water Dives : Optional
  • Max Training Depth : 6 Meters / 20ft 
  • Suggested Duration : None
Two women snokelling in clear blue water. SSI Snorkel Diver poster

Further Diving Courses

RLSS Water Safety

The aims of the National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP) are to:

  • Equip anyone working in, on or near water with essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about managing safety
  • Enable group leaders to deliver safer activity at open water sites
  • Develop occupational water safety skills for employees working around the water margins
  • Facilitate compliance with Statutory and Civil obligations, especially the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 with related regulations and covering Safe Systems of Work
  • Develop effective Emergency Response Skills for those working in a water-based environment

The NWSMP is as relevant to a school teacher as it is to a member of the emergency services, countryside ranger, construction worker or outdoor pursuits instructor.

The Programme has been endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive, Outdoor Education Advisory Panel, Expedition Providers’ Association and was developed in close consultation with a number of relevant and key leading bodies

RLSS National Water Safety Management Programme