Experience the Rich Biodiversity & Unspoilt Natural Beauty and Culture


Educational Expeditions

Quest Expeditions have been dedicated to providing inspiring school educational expeditions for 1000’s of schools, college and University students since 1998. Our vastly experienced professional staff provide enriching, safe and inspiring educational trips in a fun and engaging way which will stay with you forever. We work with teachers, local guides, governing bodies and the beautiful environment nature provides to expand the horizons, engage in new cultures, environments and life changing experiences .

Expeditions Include

  • Local Transport from/to Maputo airport and throughout tour.
  • Camp Accommodation with Breakfast and Dinner.
  • Orientation, preparation and settlement with QE team
  • Water safety, swim/snorkell instruction & boat launch briefing.
  • Cetacean, marine mammal and marine environment interaction and monitoring programme with QE crew and local marine experts
  • Leatherback, Loggerhead turtle observation and monitoring
  • Whale and whale shark spotting.
  • Community hike and observation station monitoring with QE team
  • Community coastal environment observation, clean and micro plastic monitoring
  • Kruger National Park Safari  (Optional)
  • Scuba Diving Instruction and Training (Optional)
Steps leading down to beach