View the Beauty The Lies Beneath the Waters of Ponto Do Ouro

Marine Science, Research & Ecology


  • Personally Trained and Instructed Diving & Snorkelling Courses
  • Personally Trained and Instructed in the UK before Expedition Departure as we have been doing for 25 years
  • Ecology Courses
  • Reduced costs
  • Teachers and Leaders only pay for Certifications
  • Beginner Courses through to Specialities, Divemaster & Professional Guides
  • Research Divers & Scientific Divers
  • Quadrat and Technical Surveying
  • Diver Abilities Assessments 
Clown fish hiding in the coral

Marine Science & Research

  • Marine systems and the impact of human activities on them.
  • Use of Quadrats and Technical Surveying
  • Research Divers & Scientific Divers activities
  • Diver Abilities Assessments to reinforce good diving standards and practices

Past & Present Projects

  • Medes Project – Southern Spain
  • Sker Project – South Wales
  • Kenfig Nature Reserve Project – South Wales
  • Caribbean Sea Grass Expedition

Marine ecosystems make up the largest aquatic system in the world covering more than 70 percent of the planet. Marine ecosystems are considered to be the habitats that complete the largest system from the shores to the dark sea floor. The marine ecosystem includes: marshes, tidal zones, estuaries, the mangrove forest, lagoons, sea grass beds, the sea floor, and the coral reefs. Just like every other ecosystem in the world, the aquatic ecosystems rely on each other for maintaining a balanced marine ecosystem. 

Reefs of Ponto Do Ouro

Reef NameMax Depth
Bass City28m
Bread Loaf14m
Kevs Ledge24m
Malongane Ledge55m
Rinas Arch24m
Shallow Malongane14m
Steves Ledge17m
The Ridge16m
Three Sisters25m
Turtle Creek21m
Waynes World24m

SSI & PADI Training Programs

Women scuba diving by a reef. SSI Open Water Diver posterMan and woman scuba diving by a reef with fish in foreground. PADI Open Water Diver posterTwo women snokelling in clear blue water. SSI Snorkel Diver posterSSI Marine Ecology courseSSI Coral Identification courseSSI Sea Turtle Ecology course