Stag Technology - what tech gadgets, apps and websites can help with organising your Stag Party

While we may all laugh out loud at the failed exploits happening on screen during any one of ‘The Hangover’ films, we really don’t want things to get quite so hairy during our own stag parties in real life. When things go wrong, it can really spoil the fun for everyone, but even if you are not planning a completely crazy stag do, there will be a good chance that you may have to change your plans on the go.

These days we are in luck as most people will have a smartphone, and some useful phone apps can help keep things going if the atmosphere starts to flag. Phone apps can be ideal if you are spending your stag night out on the town and you are looking for the next pub or bar to crawl to, or the nearest place to grab a quick bite to eat without going too far out of your planned route.

You can even get these apps loaded onto everyone’s smartphone and sync them so that even if one of your mates manages to wander away from the rest of the group, they can easily find their way back to you, or can head to the next place on your planned route.

Here are some examples of great apps to help you out:

Drinking Games - Android Apps on Google Play.clipularDrinking Games: This is useful to help get the party atmosphere going before you hit the town. This app has over 50 drinking games to choose from, and you don’t even need any accessories such as dice or cards as everything is stored on the app ready to go!

CAMRA Good Beer Guide - Android Apps on Google Play.clipularIf you appreciate your beer and would rather spend your evening with good beer and good company rather than staggering from pub to pub, then the CAMRAs Good Beer Guide app will help you find your nearest high-rated establishment where you can head with your mates for a pint or three of the good stuff!

Depending on the time of year, your evening may be hampered by the weather. A handy weather app will be good to have to check on the conditions. This way you can decide if you are happy staying where you are or if you want to risk a swift dash to the next drinking establishment. The BBC and the Met Office both offer apps on iTunes and Google play.

No matter how well organised you think you are, there may be the possibility that one of your stag brothers will become separated from the pack, or end up getting completely lost if they are unfamiliar with the local area. This should not be a concern if you load up the ‘Find my Friends’ app that gives you a map to find your way back if you get separated, or to find your missing friend.

Stag Do Party App - Android Apps on Google Play.clipularYou can even liven up your evening by choosing a random prank or dare to play on the stag or one of the party members. The Stag Party app will generate something ridiculous or fun to do, such as swap a top with a woman for at least half an hour, suggest a drinking game, or a completely bizarre date such as licking a friend’s armpit!

Stag Do Lite - Android Apps on Google Play.clipularThe Stag Do app is the latest in ready-made technology. This app can guide you to the best places to eat, drink, dance, or take part in sports and activities etc. as well as places for overnight stays if you are planning to have a stag weekend away from home. There is also GPS technology to help round up stray stag members. This app has been developed by Staggered ( ) a world-leader in men’s wedding websites.

What could be a better way to remember your stag night than to have a photographic record of your exploits - especially when you are trying to wrack your brains the next day to remember all the places you visited, or the people you bumped into on your way. Pretty hard to do with a hangover too! Download Instagram to your phone so you can capture your night in pictures or video. You can upload your photos of clips to Facebook, Twitter and other social media to keep all your friends in the stag party loop. An added bonus is that the app is completely free! is a useful app to have if you plan to spend your stag weekend abroad. You can use the app to explore your local area, and help you quickly find a place you will enjoy. If you find yourself out of range, the app also works offline and has built-in maps to help you to navigate unfamiliar areas, so don’t worry if you get yourself lost down the back streets of a strange town, you can find your way back to your hotel easily and safely.

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