Quest Adventures- What do we do?

Considering we do a weekly blog some may already know what it is we here at Quest Adventures do as a company, however, some may not so here are a list of the activities we do and what you will encounter on them:

1. Canyoning/Gorge Walking- This is one of our most popular activities. Situated in the waterfalls region of the Brecon Beacons, canyoning consists of braving the elements of the rivers and waterfalls. The area you are in immediately immerses you in nature giving the activity a feeling of adventure and exploration. Equipped with wet suits, bouyancy aids and helmets, you are then thrown into the flowing river and allow it to take you, using safe swimming techniques that you are taught prior to the activity. Throughout the journey there are a plethora of activities to do. These include traversing (side wards climbing), river walking, sheep dip (putting your head under a waterfall), 4-point climbing up the side of a waterfall, going behind a waterfall and jumping through and off of waterfalls of various heights. There are two waterfall areas currently in use both with unique activities. Each trip is different from the last as in nature, conditions are ever changing so every experience is unique.

2. Coasteering- This activity, although requiring specific conditions to run, is by far my favorite. The activity is much like Canyoning but on the coast. The activity itself is run on the coast of Ogmore-by-sea and requires the same equipment as the Canyoning activity. However, the key difference is in the location and how it effects the activity. Rather than a river environment there is a sea environment, and this changes the activity in many ways. While traverses and jumps are still present, these activities present new challenges as the waves try to pull you down while traversing, and the jumps vary in size as the tide comes in. There are also many cave systems a long the coast that we venture into. The vertical motion of the waves is best illustrated in these cave environments and is and experience you will always remember.

3. Surfing and kayaking - These activities are run in Porthcawl which is situated between Cardiff and Swansea and aim to introduce you to the skills required to become an apt surfer or kayaker. During this session you will be equipped with wetsuits and helmets as well as the essential items of a surfboard or a kayak. All of our instructors are professional lifeguards as well as experienced within the field of the activity and so your instruction will be from someone who lives on these activities.

All activities present their own unique challenges and experiences and all are extremely fun, so we invite you all to join us in our office, nature itself.

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We have the ability to offer an amazing array of activities in Cardiff and South Wales including Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning and Coasteering
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