Outdoor Activities in Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales Conditions Report

Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling & Canyoning Outdoor Activities

Despite the recent heavy rain we've been having early this week in South Wales, the last couple of drier days have allowed the river levels to reduce, meaning we've got great conditions for all of our river based activities this weekend. So we're all go for Gorge Walking and Canyoning and we're even set for some nice sunshine too in the Brecons.

The recent rain will have bought it's own challenges, particularly bringing in debris to the plunge pools, so you'll need to be extra careful in the jumps and be sure to check each jump area first. Whilst the weather will hopefully be warm and sunny, the water is still cold so full thermal protection is required as usual. Safety equipment such as helmets and buoyancy aids are always required, so no changes there.

If the weather does change and more heavy rain falls, you need to be aware of the chances of flashing on the rivers, so keep aware of local weather conditions and rainfall.

Coasteering Activities In Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales

Conditions for Coasteering are unlikely to be favourable this weekend. The swell is just that bit too big along the South Wales coast and they'll also be a reasonable wind blowing onshore. When you combine these two factors, it's not looking good and our recommendation is to head inland and give Gorge Walking or Canyoning a go instead.

The Gorge Walking and Canyoning activities are very similar, they just take place in a different landscape which is far less affected by coastal conditions.

Surfing, Surf Kayaking, Beach Days and Paddle Boarding

They'll be a decent surf along the South Wales coast this weekend, hopefully around the 4ft mark. Coupled with some hopefully nice weather it's looking like a decent weekend for the surfers out there.

The usual spots such as Rest Bay in Porthcawl or Oxwich Bay in Swanea will offer some of the better conditions for you. Water temperatures will still be fairly low, so decent thermal protection will be required still.

Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales Stag & Outdoor Activities

We're busy busy again this weekend as our usual mix of Hen Parties and Stag Do’s join us to take on the rivers in South Wales. Whether they're out on the River Sychryd or the more challenging River Mellte we know they'll be getting an experience unlike most of them have had before.

They normally turn up feeling a little sorry for themselves, but once they've scrambled up the gorge, climbed through a waterfall or two and jumped into the plunge pools they're nearly always ready to get back out in Cardiff, Swansea or Porthcawl and carry on their parities.

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