Activities Conditions Report Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales 08.01.2016

Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning, Ghyll Scrambling near Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales:   Hopefully the rains are calming down over the next few days, the ground is saturated with water and any extra down pours are causing the rivers to flood meaning the Gorge Walking and Canyoning activities become to volatile, this has been the case over the past couple of weeks. Next week however should be perfect, the rain is holding over the next few days and with the amount of water in the land the rivers will be in full flow, meaning perfect conditions for the gorge. Te temperture will be down so the right thermal protection will be essential. We'll definately be heading up to the Sychryd and the Mellte Rivers to take full advantage of the conditions.

Coasteering near Cardiff, Swansea in South Wales   Im sorry to say but this is still a no go, the wind and the swell are still in full strength areas close to Cardiff and Swansea in the South Wales region are definately out of bounds for Coasteering, again the only possibility may be West wales and the surrounding areas.

Surfing, Surf Kayaking and Paddle Boarding - Again the swell is huge but again so is the wind, this has been the same case for weeks now. Protected beaches close to Cardiff and Swansea will be the best bets again, however if the wind drops Rest Bay in Porthcawl and Llangenith in Swansea should have excellent conditions and possibly big waves. So make sure you head to the right beach for your ability.

Outdoor Activities, Adventure and Events  -  Happy New Year to you all and hopefully we'll see you in the mountains, rivers and seas with us in Cardiff, Swansea, Brecon, Porthcawl and South Wales over the coming year. Our activities include all the wonderful fun and adventure required for a fantastic experience whether your on a Stag Weekend activity, youth group adventure, corporate day away, or on holiday with the family we have it all covered. The fun and games will be starting in February with our first Stag group of the season, in the meantime were busy stafff training Canyoning, Coasteering, Gorge Walking, Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and much more to make sure a skill are as sharp as ever.

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