Activities Conditions Report Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales 21.08.2015

Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning, Ghyll Scrambling near Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales: I would like to make a formal apology to all Canyoning and Gorge Walking enthusiasts. Lately we have been praying for rain and I'm afraid we may have prayed to much because now we got to much rain and some more rain than that. In fact it hasn't stopped raining for days and days, its August and Im afraid the rivers are flooded. Canyoning on the Mellte Gorge looks a definite no go, should be good for the expert kayakers out there. The Sychryd Gorge is also on the edge. This weekend is definitely not for the faint hearted and looks to continue that way for the next few days.

Coasteering near Cardiff, Swansea in South Wales - Were feeling terrible today, there's nothing but bad news for you water and rock enthusiasts, the coasteering sites are also being effected by this bad weather spell. The swell is huge and the wind also matches the swell. Big blown out conditions across the region and no where to hide. May see a little break on Tuesday or Wednesday next week, but have to watch for the wind and tide.

Surfing and Surf Kayaking - Hurray, at least we have surf this week and lots of it but might be a little messy as it is being followed by high winds and storms. Look for the sheltered beaches like Coney in Porthcawl and Caswell in Swansea. Thess should hold the best conditions for the region. Late next week is definately looking big and Gnarly so wax down your boards and get those suits ready.

Events and Activities - As you can see from the conditions the only place we will be heading is down the beach with our boards, rafts and Kayaks. Jamie and the lads are on a Stag weekend in Cardiff and sampling the delights of South Wales in Cardiff the Capital. They will be with us on Saturday morning ready and eager for there wet and wild day on the beach.

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